Evolution of number of articles about mental/learning disability and autism in Le Monde and The Guardian newspapers

The number of articles for 2019 is partly provisional: by the time of this dataviz finalising (July 2019), only the 6 first month data was available: that number was multied by 2.

Le Monde had published the highest number of articles in 2012; in February of the same year the first of its kind report about autism was published by French Hight Authority of Health: the report criticized the use of “packing” (the controvertial "therapy" considting in a wrapping of an autistic person with behavioral issues in the wet and cold sheets) and generally, of psychoanalysis in the domain of autism. The debate that followed the report publication was focused as much on the psychoanalysis as on autism itself: it leans that even within the articles counted for the total number this year, the visibility was shared between the topic of autism and that, of the controversial approach France was not ready to abandon.

The evolution of topic's visibility on The Guardian is much more steady and vigorous; it reaches a highest number of 110 titles in 2016 but then falls down: the explanation that the Brexit usurped the visibility's space is very plausible.